Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to check for license update.

On the machine that hosts Bridge Communications TAPI2 Connector, launch the BOC Phone System Settings tool.  The lower right corner of the tool will indicate the user count and date of expiry.

If you would like to force the Connector to check for updated license information, click on the Utilities tab.  There you will find an icon for License Update.  Click on that to initiate a license check.
Once the license update process completes, verify the date and count in the lower right corner of the main screen once again.

If you've recently purchase new features, click on the Add-Ons tab.  Under here, you can click on the Unlock Purchased Add ons, to enable them.  You can also do this to validate what add-ons you have licensed.

In the absence of internet, a manual update can be performed with the steps here

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