Thursday, January 22, 2015

Name missing in console

  1. We handle DN’s, not names.
    We simply present the DN’s and add the names that match based on the name source you devices in the BOC Phone System settings.  See graphic below.
    If a name is missing, look for the DN.

    If the DN is showing with a different name, verify the name source configuration is correct and functioning (See #2 below).  Test using the test box in the lower right. Verify that you do not have multiple names with the same DN in the name source you have chosen.

    If the DN is not being displayed at all, 
    • Often times, the easiest first step is the following
      • Unplug the phone (a simple reboot is not sufficient)
      • Wait 5 minutes.
      • Plug the phone back in.
      • Wait 5 more minutes.
    • Verify the device is under our control. (On the CallManager Application User -> BOC-Admin –>Controlled Devices)
    • Verify Allow Control via CTI is Enabled on the device on CallManager.
    • Verify Allow Control via CTI is Enabled on the DN on CallManager
    • Verify the DN has not been excluded from view.
  2. If you are seeing duplicated names, you have more than one user with the same extension in AD. We show the DN’s we get from CUCM and display the first name that matches in AD.

    If you have multiple instances in AD with the same DN, under the default configuration, we will show the DN as many times as we find it in AD, but only with the first name found.

    If you legitimately have people who share DN’s, you will need to select the AD Searching Override setting in the client. This changes the way we gather names.
    If the duplication is an oversight in AD management, we recommend correcting AD instead. 

Here are some additional name source specific steps.
Troubleshooting names updating from Active Directory

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