Thursday, January 22, 2015

How To: Basic call routing using Hunt Groups with Logout option

Simple call routing for BOC call handling.

Call Manager Setup
Create a Line Group containing a DN on each of the Operator's phones  Ex. MainOperatorLineGroup.
Create a Hunt List containing that line group. Ex. MainOperatorHL
Create a Hunt Pilot assigning the main company number utilizing that hunt list Ex. 6505557000.

BOC Client Setup
Configure BOC to monitor the Primary DN and SEP of the Operator's telephone.
(NOT the Hunt Pilot DN)

Optional (Recommended)- Adding an H-LOG Button to phone
On the Hunt Group Phones, Modify Button Items.
Add a Hunt Group Logout button.

This button will log the phone in and out of hunt groups.
It will give the operator a visual indicator of Hunt status as well as a way to log in/ou without having the application running.

NOTE: It will log out of ALL hunt groups if the phone is a member of multiple hunt groups.
More robust logout options are available on the newer 9900 series phones if needed.

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