Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Check for a Server Update OR You got a Outdated Version Email

If you've only received a single email, it was likely just a missed polling cycle.
In most cases, the server will pickup the update the next night.

When we push an update, we record the license keys that have downloaded the update. Each day we generate an email for all of the keys that have not downloaded.

However, it is good to verify that your BOC TAPI2 server is at the latest version in the BOC Phone System Settings tool, lower left corner.

You can compare that with the latest version here...


If it is not, the first step is to go into the BOC Phone System Settings tool.
Click on the Help ? in the upper right corner. Choose Check for Updates.
In a couple minutes, the Phone System Settings tool will close the the update should go thru.
Monitor the Windows Event Log for messages letting you know what is happening.

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