Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Name not updating on an extension after a change.

We gather names for extensions in a couple different ways.  We do a full check for updates every night at midnight.  Depending upon where you have the TAPI2 Connector configured to gather those names, you troubleshoot in different places.

  1. Go into BOC Phone System Settings
  2. Click on Device Names
  3. Determine which method you are using
    • Active Directory (LDAP)
    • Cisco AXL Full
    • Cisco AXL Names Only

Active Directory is self-explanatory.  You can test it by entering a valid extension and clicking on the Test LDAP Lookup button on the right hand side.  If you do not get a pop up with results in a minute or so, check the Windows Application Event log.  It will give you pointers to invalid username/password or server location issues.

The two AXL options rely on CallManager configuration.  Names Only pulls the Alerting Name on the DN.  FULL matches the DN with an End User defined in CallManager.  You can also test a valid extension right hand side.

The AXL options do not allow for multiple people with the same extension.  Check for duplicates.  If you truly need to have duplicates, then you will need to switch to AD.

If you have duplicate in AD, then you will need to set Enable the AD Searching Override option in the BOC3 client.

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