Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Updating Node Modules

On occasion, the Node modules may require a manual update.
To perform this, perform the following steps.

On the BOC Server, open an elevated CMD prompt

Run the following commands

cd /BOCData/Node

When the process completes, you can close your CMD prompt and restart the BOC TAPI Services.
Everything should be good again.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

If you receive the error
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
it is because the client is unable to connect to the BOC TAPI Connector to validate its license.
If all operators are affected, reboot the BOC TAPI Connector server.  Wait 10 minutes and ensure all of the BOC Services are started and then retest.
If it is a single station, with other operators able to work, it is a configuration issue.
Verify that the correct server is listed in the workstation registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bridge Communications\Bridge Operator Console 3\ServerIP

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gathering Google Chrome debug info

In some cases, it will be very helpful to our support team to provide them with the output file of the browser console.

To download the Google Chrome browser console file, do the following steps:

1. Open the console you're facing troubles with using Google Chrome browser.

2. Open the "Developer tools", as shown in the next figure

3. Click on the "Console" tab, right click on any place in the console content, and choose "Save as...", as shown in the next figure

4. Send the saved file to our support team. support@bridgeoc.com

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Which version of Skype for Business is recommended.

We recommend matching the architecture of the OS on which you are running.

If you are on a 32 bit OS, you must run 32 bit Skype for Business.  If you are on a 64 bit OS, the choice gets a little more complex.

While it is technically possible to run 32 bit Skype for Business on a 64 bit OS, there are some complicating factors.  Our recommendations are based on the need for scalability and performance.

The primary purpose for running our application is to handle larger volumes of calls than would be handled by the average user.  In addition, the operator is also a very customer facing of representation of the company.  Therefore, the performance of Skype is paramount.  We recommend running 64 bit Skype for the following reasons.

  • 4gb memory limit imposed by 32 bit architecture.  32 bit applications must reside under the 4gb memory limit regardless of the amount of memory in the machine.
  • 32 bit applications are handled by an emulation subsystem called WoW64.  All inter-program communication and access to hardware must cross this emulator.
For simple day to day applications, these differences are insignificant.  Often times, 32 bit applications are deployed for greater compatibility with 3rd party applications which do not offer a 64 bit options.  However, for a primary application, they can affect stability and performance.

And for these reasons, we recommend 64 bit Skype for Business for operators running our application.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Configuring o365 Exchange account for Exchange on the TAPI Connector

To set up Application Impersonation to allow the BOC Exchange Connector to connect and gather calendar information, you will need to configure the user in your Office 365 portal.

Create a new Role Group.  The name is unimportant, but should help you identify it.
Add to the group, the user you've designated for the Exchange Connector.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Error Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

There is an issue with a Microsoft security patch and .Net 4.7.1 on Windows 7 or Windows 2008.
It does not appear to affect Windows 10 or Server 2012 and later.

Microsoft is releasing new information on this issue daily.
It is not natively a 4.7.1 issue, but rather a security update that accompanies it. (KB4055002 or KB4055532)

Removing the patch and/or .Net 4.7.1 will resolve the issue. You will need a version of .Net for the application to run.  You can install .Net 4.5.2 to satisfy the requirement.

If you still need 4.7.1, you can follow this. (It will be secure according to these steps)

More information can be found here.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Bridge Operator Console for Skype for Business - Specs

Bridge Operator Console for Skype for Business -  Specs

BLOC Stand Alone - Recommended Hardware Specs

If you have a single operator install you may choose to run the software on the same machine as the client.  If this is the case you may use the recommended hardware specs below as a recommendation, although it may vary given the numbers of phones, activity, and other concurrently running applications on that machine.
Intel i5 Quad Core CPU
4GB of Memory
100GB of Free HD Space

BLOC Server - Recommended Hardware Specs

The BLOC Server provides Active Direcory and UCMA connections (Advanced Mode), and a MS SQL Database.  Here are the suggested build outs.   The roles change based on whether or not you deploy a Basic server or and Advanced Server. The server OS is dictated by the Skype for Business version.  Example, if you wish to run Windows 2016, you must be running Skype for Business with the CU5 applied.

Suggested Minimum Server Specifications

Number of LinesSQL ServervCPUsMemoryStorageNIC
Less than 500On Box22 GB100 GB C: ThinGigabit min.
Less than 500Off Box22 GB60 GB C: ThinGigabit min
500 - 2500On Box22 GB100 GB C: ThinGigabit min.
500 - 2500Off Box22 GB60 GB C: ThinGigabit min.
More than 2500On Box2+2 GB100 GB C: ThinGigabit min.
More than 2500Off Box2+2 GB60 GB C: ThinGigabit min.

* Servers may need additional resources with a high number of operators, or Executive Assistants..
Server can be either Physical or Virtual, although we prefer virtual, because it answer all of the high availability questions.  For the OS, you can run all of the latest Microsoft recommended service packs and hotfixes.  If you decide to install SQL Express on the box, there may be some MS required support software that needs to be installed.  Generally speaking, we are not very fussy on what is there as long as it is reasonably current.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Reset Default Actions

You can set a default action on either the Drag and Drop and the Double Click action.
Once chosen, the next time you perform the task, you will not receive a pop-up.  
The action will simply happen.

If you wish to reset and go back to the prompt, you can do that in the settings as indicated below.
Be sure to choose the Setting you wish to reset, and then click Reset to Default

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Moving BLOC standalone to a new PC

If you are moving to a new computer, you can copy your saved groups and address books to your new machine.
Copy the XML files from the following Appdata folder on your old computer.

C:\Users\your login name\AppData\Local\BLOC

Ensure that you have at least launched the BLOC application once, and then closed the application.
Copy the files to the same location on your new machine.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Resolving Database Size Issues

Our database is typically very small.  Therefore, we will display a warning message if the database size grows to an atypical size (by default > 6gb).  This is often caused by a drive space shortage.  Each night we make a backup of the database and do a shrink.  If there is not enough space to perform the task it cannot complete.
The steps to resolve are as follows.

1. Ensure there is sufficient disk space. (Ensure that the hard drive was built per spec at 100gb to start with).
    You should have at least 1.5x the current database size for available space before attempting the backup.

2. Backup the database.  Once you initiate this backup, wait approximately 5 minutes before continuing to the next step.

3. Shrink the database.  Once you initiate the shrink, it may take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bridge Boss-Admin Executive Console for Cisco User's Guide

Call Control Window

The call control window displays information relevant to a current call, such as the number, the name, the current status of the call, and the duration. The call control window also allows users to hang up the call, and put the call on hold. Using the search bar, results can display the name, title, and status of a user's various matching contacts, and allows for transfer features, calling the contacts, and viewing related people

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot contains the calls that have been parked on the system. Displayed are the park number, the phone number, the call's name, its time spent in the parking lot, a park for name if specified, and who the call was parked by. Calls can be retrieved from the parking lot by either double clicking or right clicking the desired call, and choosing the appropriate option. The Parking Lot is shared between users on a system.

User Searching

The User Searching window allows
users to enter part of another user's
name or title to retrieve live results. The user is then able to initiate a supervised or unsupervised transfer to any of these contacts, call the contact, or view their related people.

Related People

The Related People window is displayed when selecting the related people icon on a desired contact. Displayed are the user's manager, the user's assistant, their secretary, and additional sections for users sharing the same manager, users sharing the same title, and users sharing the same department. Included are icons for unsupervised and supervised transfers, as well as a call icon.

Google Places

Google places is a window allowing users to perform internet searches for business uses. In this example, searching bridgeoc.com fargo has returned a result of Bridge Communications, with the address, business phone number, and website all displayed following the name. Icons included are the call phone icon, the maps icon, which shows the entered address through google maps, and the go to website icon.

 Dynamics CRM

The Dynamics CRM Lookup window allows searching of a record in the upper left search bar. Once the desired record has been found, the owner, number of employees, annual revenue, primary contact, address, and description are all displayed along with a map highlighting the location. Below this is the Account Opportunities window. To the right, tabs for Open Opportunities, Contacts, Quotes, Tasks, Calls, and Emails are available. 

 Organization Lookup

The Organization Lookup window can display information about a relevant user, including the organization name, address, associated telephones, and notes. The show all emails from a caller feature allows a user to quickly see the log of email activity between the user and the organization.

LICC Integration

Integration between the Bridge Boss-Admin for Cisco console and LICC allows for real time call status in Skype for Business from a Cisco Phone. Other users on the system are then able to see presence in their own Skype for Business clients. 

Click to Dial

Right clicking a contact and selecting Call with Desk Phone allows Click to Dial from Skype for Business to a Cisco Desk Phone. This does NOT require RCC.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Searching in BOC only displays 200 results

When choosing the All group, or any large group, we will only display the first 200 entries.
If you search for the user by name or number, it should appear as expected.

The results you are seeing are by design. Each view is essentially a search. We have chosen to limit search results to 200 results.

Large organizations were experiencing performance issues when searches were unlimited.

Effectively, you are asking us to pull line status on everyone in a given search.

At 200 results this is very easy. When the results are 2000 hits or more, machine performance is impacted.

You should be able to search for, and find anyone in the organization. You just cannot display everyone at one time.

Type the name in the light green search box.

We were simply improving the program and attempting to circumvent support issues when people tried to display too many endpoints.

The number is set at 200 in the registry. If you choose to increase that number, you may, understanding the possible side effects.

You could change the SearchLimit value to something greater than your phone count.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bridge Communications\Bridge Operator Console 3\SearchLimit

This is a client side, per user setting