Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Windows BOC 3.3 User Guide - Searching


Bridge Operator Console provides a robust search engine.  It is located above the extensions area on the main screen.
You may search for any part of a users first name, last name, phone number, title, department, or personal address book category.

1. Search box.  Enter a string to search for.  We recommend entering the more unique parts of a name for quicker results.
2. Clear Search. Rather than using the backspace to clear the box, we recommend using the Clear tool.
3. DTMF Dialpad.  The DTMF Dialpad will allow you to enter digits during a call.  For example to enter a conference ID number.
4. Predictive Transfer.  Click this will apply the Predictive Transfer query and suggest possible call targets.
5. Free Form Transfer.  (Alternate) If you wish to do a one-time transfer to an external number, you can use this icon to pop a dialog box.
6. Search Global.  All searches are global by default.  If you toggle this slider, you will focus the search to the current Extension Group.
7. Search Names Only.  By default, we search all columns.  If you toggle this slider, you will only search the Names column.

When matches are found the number of matches is appended to each of the 4 tabs shown here.

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