Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Windows BOC 3.3 User Guide - Extension Status

Extension Status Information

Bridge Operator Console provides user status information from many sources.
The status columns include
1. Call Status                   2. Other Status
3.  Hunt Group Status       4. Chat Status

Call Status - call status information will include a ringing, talking, or hold state of a particular user's phone.
BOC will also show caller id information as well as total call time in columns to the right.
Other Status - other status information can include things like DND and CFWD status on the phone,
Skype for Business or Jabber XMPP status, BOC status which can be set by BOC users, Exchange
calendar status with our optional Exchange Connector.
Hunt Group Status - Hunt group status will display if a particular user is logged in our out of hunt groups.
This is useful for users who need others to cover their phone calls.
Chat Status - Chat status can display user's chat availability via BOC, Skype For Business (with free connector),
and XMPP (Jabber).  BOC can also determine if a given user has that program installed and allow you automate
chat messages via Skype for Business or Jabber so you can chat outside BOC without ever having to switch programs.
You can open a Key to show a reminder on the various icons mean.

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