Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Windows BOC 3.3 User Guide - Extension Groups

Table Of Contents

Extension Groups

The Extensions Groups section allows you to select and view the status of a particular group of extensions.  Right click options are available
here for modification options.  You can create a new extension group by selecting New Extension Group.  When prompted give the group
a unique name, as select whether you would like it visible to only you, or to everyone.  If you select everyone, all users will be able to modify
this group as well.  Once you pick an option you'll be presented with a screen allowing you to add and remove group members.  If the group
has 0 members it will not be visible.

To edit an existing group, simply right click on the group and select Modify Extension Group.
Add or remove members and close the window to save the changes.

To delete a group, right click on the group and select Delete Extension Group.

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