Thursday, April 20, 2017

Windows BOC 3.3 User Guide - Phonebooks

Table Of Contents


Bridge Operator Console provides 3 phone books for numbers that aren't part of the phone system.

1. My Address Book (MyAB) - These are visible only to you. You can call, transfer, email, and delete users from this list.
It can be accessed on the main screen via the tabs, or as a separate pop out window via the Ribbon.

2. Global Address Book (GAB) -
The global address book contains records visible to all users.  By default, no user has access to edit the GAB.
The system administrator can decided who has rights to add / edit / and delete records in this database from the Phone System Settings Tool on the server.

All users have the rights to call and transfer calls to these records.

3. Active
Directory Phonebook - The Active Directory Phonebook will show users in AD if the BOC TAPI server is configured to get its name, department, and title information from Active directory.

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