Thursday, December 11, 2014

Upgrading the CallManager in a BOC Deployment

The basics of upgrading CallManager with a BOC deployment are as follows.
  • Ensure that you are current on the BOC TAPI2 Connector service.
  • In the Windows Services tool
    • Stop the BOCWatchdog service and set to disabled
    • Stop the BOC Tapi Connector and set to disabled
    • Stop any BOC options you may have, such as Exchange or Lync Connectors.
  • Upgrade the Cisco TSP following the Cisco documentation for your new version of CallManager.  This may be a simple upgrade if the versions are close.  However, it may require and uninstallation and reinstall of the new version if they are too far apart.
  • Reboot the BOC Server.
  • Run Microsoft Dialer.  (Start->Run->Dialer.exe)
    • Verify you see Cisco devices in the "Connect Using" pull down

  • Use Windows Event Viewer Application Log to identify any issues. 
  • Once Cisco devices are showing in Dialer, you can go back into Windows Services tool and re-enable the Bridge OC services.  You can manually start each of them, or reboot a final time to start everything once again. 
Very often with the upgrades to CUCM 10.5.2 and beyond, we have gotten reports that the Cisco TSP does not upgrade or re-configure successfully.  If you find this to be the case, you can use our TSP troubleshooting tips found here.
Repairing Cisco Tsp Installation

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