Monday, December 8, 2014

Troubleshooting XMPP or CUPS integration

  • Unless you have a legimate SSL certificate on your CUPS server
    (not a built in self-signed cert)
    You will need to disable TLS.

    CUPS -> System -> Security Settings -> uncheck "Enable XMPP Client to CUP Secure Mode"
  • username has to be in the form of
  • Verify DNS records for BOTH server and client.
    You can test using these commands from a DOS prompt
    • nslookup
    • set q=SRV
    • _xmpp-server._tcp.<your internal domain name>
      There should be Service Location Records for both pointing to the fqdn of the CUPS server, NOT the IP address.
  • Create the records using normal DNS tools using these detail.
    • _xmpp-server  Port 5269
    • _xmpp-client    Port 5222
If using a Microsoft DNS server, the additions will look similar to this.

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