Monday, March 16, 2015

Configuring Hybrid Mode

In Sockets mode, all communications are passed thru our TAPI2 Connector.
Sockets mode is indicated by the red socket in the lower left corner.
In Sockets mode, there is no Phone/Line count, so zeros here are normal.

Sockets Mode

In Hybrid mode, tasks that can be made faster using our server, go thru the Connector.
Realtime tasks can go directly to the CallManager.

Hybrid mode is indicated by the green leaf in the lower left corner.

Hybrid Mode

To achieve Hybrid mode, you need the Cisco TSP installed.
This should be done logged in as a user with local admin rights.
We have seen inconsistent results trying to use the Windows RunAs procedure rather than a full admin login.
We recommend using the full login route.
You can do this manually using the normal Cisco TSP installation procedure.
This is documented in the BOC TAPI2 Connector install document.
The username will be the one you created for the TAPI2 Connector.
Typically this is BOC-Admin.

However, an much easier way is to use our 1Click TSP Installer.
This is located under the Help Menu in the BOC Console application.
It automates the Cisco TSP installation process.
There is no need for the person doing the installation to have access to the passwords.
The 1Click pulls the username and password from the BOC TAPI2 Connector.
*The TAPI2 server must be up and functional.
We still recommend that this be run as a user with local admin rights.

The 1Click TSP Installer cannot fix a broken non-functional TSP install.
If you already have the TSP installed and it is not working, we recommend uninstalling it before attempting a 1Click install.

Microsoft Dialer is a great test tool to see if the TSP is functioning.
When you run Dialer, pull down the Connect Using menu.
You should see your Cisco extensions listed in there.
If you do not see Cisco devices, the TSP is not installed/configured correctly.

If you are having difficulty with the Cisco TSP and want to force the console into Sockets mode, you can set the value of the following registry key to 1.  The value of 0 is the default for automatic detection of the Cisco TSP.  This is a per user setting.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bridge Communications\Bridge Operator Console 3\ForceSocketMode

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