Monday, May 8, 2017

Searching in BOC only displays 200 results

When choosing the All group, or any large group, we will only display the first 200 entries.
If you search for the user by name or number, it should appear as expected.

The results you are seeing are by design. Each view is essentially a search. We have chosen to limit search results to 200 results.

Large organizations were experiencing performance issues when searches were unlimited.

Effectively, you are asking us to pull line status on everyone in a given search.

At 200 results this is very easy. When the results are 2000 hits or more, machine performance is impacted.

You should be able to search for, and find anyone in the organization. You just cannot display everyone at one time.

Type the name in the light green search box.

We were simply improving the program and attempting to circumvent support issues when people tried to display too many endpoints.

The number is set at 200 in the registry. If you choose to increase that number, you may, understanding the possible side effects.

You could change the SearchLimit value to something greater than your phone count.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bridge Communications\Bridge Operator Console 3\SearchLimit

This is a client side, per user setting

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