Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Extension Groups, Search Best Practices in Bridge Operator Console

Bridge Operator Console provides a number of different way to find system users.  For best performance we recommend never displaying more items on the screen that absolutely necessary.  If you chose put 150 users on the screen, your PC will use the resources required to update 150 in real-time despite only being able to see 20 or so at most at one time.

Best Methods for Finding Users

1.  Predictive Transfer

Enabling predictive transfer unleashes the power of 5 machine learning algorithms to present the most likely destination for a given caller.  This feature reduces lookup time far beyond any other method or any other product on the market.

2.  Searching

When a call becomes active the cursor is put in the search box.  A user can then start typing any part of a users first name, last name, title, department or phone number.  The extensions list will quickly filter to match the search.

3.  Extension Group Scrolling (Slowest and not recommended)

Users can select an extension group to find a group of users in a particular department or location for example.  While this method does work, it is much slower than using the combination of search and related people.  The list is limited to 200 results by default.  If you require more you can change the SearchLimit regkey in the program to override it, but this is not a recommended procedure.

You can find more information here.
Searching and Extension Groups

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