Thursday, August 27, 2015

Troubleshooting Names Updating - AXL

Troubleshooting Names Updating - Active Directory

When you are having trouble with a missing or incorrect username on a DN and are configured for AXL, either Full or Names Only, here are some troubleshooting steps.

AXL information is automatically updated each night at midnight.  If the change was recent, you may get results by running Update AXL Now in Phone System Settings tool -> Device Names

  • Verify that the DN does appear.  In the Console, search for it by number.
  • If it is missing, 
    • Verify that it has not been Excluded from View using the Manage Exclusions menu option.
    • Ensure that the phone that it is configured for, has been added to the Controlled Devices group on CallManager for the BOC-Admin user.
  • If the DN appears but has the wrong name, follow these steps.
    • In BOC Phone System Settings, choose CUCM Settings.
      • Verify that the account information entered for AXL is correct and Test with your DN in the upper box in the middle section.
    • Go to Device Names settings
      • Enter the Extension in the Test box on the lower right quadrant.
        Press Test AXL Lookup.   Check the Windows Application Event log if a response is not displayed.
  • If you get a response and the name is incorrect, you have to correct it in End Users in CallManager.
  • If the response comes back correctly, run the following.
    • Update AXL Now

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