Thursday, August 27, 2015

Troubleshooting Names Updating - Active Directory

When you are having trouble with a missing or incorrect username on a DN and are configured for Active Directory, here are some troubleshooting steps.

  • AD is automatically updated each night at midnight.  If the change was recent, you can get results by running Full LDAP Build followed by Update Names.
  • Verify that the DN does appear.  In the Console, search for it by number.
  • If it is missing, 
    • Verify that it has not been Excluded from View using the Manage Exclusions menu option.
    • Ensure that the phone that it is configured for, has been added to the Controlled Devices group on CallManager for the BOC-Admin user.
  • If the DN appears but has the wrong name, follow these steps.
    • In BOC Phone System Settings, choose Device Names Settings.
    • Verify that the account information entered for AD is correct and not locked out.
    • Enter the Extension in the Test box on the lower right quadrant.  Press Test LDAP Lookup.   Check the Windows Application Event log if a response is not displayed.
    • If you get a response and the name is incorrect, you have to correct it in Active Directory.
    • If the response comes back correctly, run the following.
      • Full LDAP Build
      • Update Names

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