Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gathering Lync/Skype Diagnostics

Gathering diagnostics logs will aid in troubleshooting issues.
You may need to turn on some options in the Lync/Skype client for the logs to be created.
Go into your Skype for Business client options and verify the option is chosen.

When you have verified this in in place, re-create the conditions you are trying to capture.

When this is completed, you will need to exit the BLOC console and the Lync\Skype client.
Then open the users APPDATA folder.  You can do this by opening Explorer and typing %APPDATA% into the navigation bar.

Then navigate up one level and then down the Local path until you get to the Tracing folder.
The path will be something like this...
C:\Users\<USERS NAME>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\Tracing

The primary file we will need is Lync-UccApi-0.UccApilog.
Your Lync/Skype must be closed or you will not be able to access this file.
Email this file to with your Customer name in the subject line.

We would also like you to send the Windows Application Event log.
Open Windows Event Viewer.  Navigate to the Windows Logs -> Application
Right click on the Application log and choose Save All Events As
Leave it in EVTX format.
Give it a name and save this somewhere you can retrieve it to email to as well.

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