Friday, September 25, 2015

Importing phonebooks or Creating Extension Groups with an import file

You can import data into the My Address Book (MyAB) or Create Extension Groups using the Import Data option.

Remember, the MyAB should contain EXTERNAL numbers and not replicate internal extensions.

If you have a Cisco XML address book from the Cisco legacy attendant console, select the version that applies.  If you have a CSV, you can select that option.

A CSV file MUST be in the following format and contain columns for each of the following fields.

Name, Number, Category, Email, Notes
Bob Smith,16125554444,Vendors,,Board Member
Kevin Smyth,13205553333,Vendors,,,

The Name, Number and Category, MUST contain values. Other empty fields must still have the commas.

When you choose your file, you will be given a chance to review the data before it is imported.  You can select items to be removed from the import.  This does not alter your original data file.

Once an import is completed, you WILL need to relaunch the client for the data to be visible.

Extension Groups
Extension Groups loosely approximates the old Cisco Legacy Speed Dial tabs.  These will be imported as personal Extension Groups visible only to the operator doing the import.

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